Fundraising Event

Teach For Malaysia: #OurFutureLeader

  • 06/12/2018 - 02/02/2019
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 20,000

About Event

#OurFutureLeader campaign is our end of the year fundraising campaign. We would like the nation to realise our students potential. At the moment, thousands of children in Malaysia lack the education, support and opportunities to thrive. 

The campaign spotlights students who have been impacted by TFM teachers, leading to transformed lives. These students are able to bring positive change to their own communities, as a result of their growing confidence, improved leadership skills and strengthened passion for learning. 

When donors donate to Teach For Malaysia, their contribution funds the development of TFM teachers, who teach in high need schools across the nation, and directly empower thousands of students with the gift of education everyday.