Fundraising Event

Nak Suu Community Day

  • 07/09/2021 - 02/10/2021
  • Thailand
THB 68,572
68% Complete
Target : THB 100,000

About Event

As COVID is still here among us in Bangkok and having to be under lockdown for a while, it has caused lots of businesses to have to close down and people losing their jobs. Often times when this stuff has happened the government helps out how they can but more often than not there are large groups of people that get overlooked, even aside from a pandemic. These people are the underprivileged groups living in the slum communities or even the kids living in the government run orphanages.

As you all know Nak Suu Rugby Academy works with the kids in these underprivileged communities and do what we can to help them in many capacities. Last year at the start of the pandemic here in Bangkok we were able to get a few donations to help make 20 food packs for the kid’s family’s as well as a donation of masks and other items. We are looking to do this again on October 2nd 2021 and are hoping to raise enough finances that we can provide around 100 food packs for the families in the community we work in.

We are looking at total of 100,000 thb or about $3,000 USD. This breaks down to being about 1,000 thb or $30 USD needed to make one pack that will provide food per home that usually has more than one family living in it.  We appreciate everyone’s support during these times and pray that everyone is able to stay safe and recover from this pandemic.

Thank You,

Nak Suu Team