Fundraising Event

HSBC/KPMG Challenge Himalayas 2019

  • 02/05/2019 - 31/10/2019
  • Hong Kong
USD 30,833
47% Complete
Target : USD 65,000 Raised Offline : USD 340

About Event

This September, the HSBC/KPMG Challenge Himalayas 2019 will bring together 70 HSBC and KPMG dedicated employees to trek 75 km through the spectacular landscapes of the Himachal Pradesh region in the Indian Himalayas, all whilst raising money for Conservation International and WaterAid. 

Clean, accessible drinking water is often seen as a normal part of everyday life. But with growing population and pollution, this water security is being challenged. Right now in the Dongjiang river regions, domestic wastewater continues to be released into the environment without proper treatment, putting direct pressure on source waters. 

People need nature - the Dongjiang basin serves as a major water source for over 40 million residents of nearby villages and the entire city of Hong Kong, with a population of more than 7 million people.

As a non-profit organization that protects nature by finding sustainable solutions, Conservation International is committed to supporting a community-based stewardship in the Dongjiang basin -- through providing environmental education to residents and implementing rural wastewater treatments.

By donating, not only can you support the participants on their 4-day trek through the mountains of the Himalayas, you will also be contributing to harmonizing community sustainability and freshwater conservation in the Dongjiang region. Ultimately, your donation can help us conserve humanity’s most precious resource.