Fundraising Event

Spicy Noodle 2.0 Challenge: INSPIRESEA 2019 Edition

  • 25/08/2019 - 08/09/2019
  • Malaysia
MYR 15,236
253% Complete
Target : MYR 6,000

About Event

We're back to Inspire!

The Inspire SEA 2019 Camp is a volunteering and community-based movement that aims to provide underprivileged children with motivation and to nurture them into future caliber leaders via a 5-Day inspirational camp in Malaysia. The camp is the brain child of a group of us, Malaysian students in Australia, dedicated to giving back to the community. We are part of MInspire, which is one of the many ARMs of Malaysia Students Council of Australia (MASCA), Victoria.

Besides the necessary qualities required to be successful in their careers, these children would also be taught soft skills, compassion and social responsibility during the camp. Our target is to highlight and emphasize the importance of education to underprivileged students in Malaysia and in the future, across Southeast Asia. Students are poised to realize their potential and position them adequately to further studies onto tertiary education. We hope to foster the younger generation to embrace their unique (intellectual) identity and in doing so, introduce them to a wider range of occupational opportunities that suit their talents and passion.
The mission of Inspire SEA is to leave a lasting legacy, a domino effect, that our inspirational touch will lead the youth to continue inspiring others. Inspiration strives to rekindle and revive the beauty of education and we aim to nurture this by actively engaging and applying education taught in classrooms to the broader society. We believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives and holistically, societies. We hope to bring significance to the future of today's youth to bring out the best of them for the betterment of their community.
To summarise our aim, we Inspire to Inspire.