Fundraising Event

  • 26/09/2015
  • Malaysia
MYR 37,671
101% Complete
Target : MYR 50,000

About Event

P.S. Our first phase of fundraising is coming to an end and we'll kickstart the second phase of fundraising in January 2016. If you're interested to fundraise for your education project under, submit your project application at  Once your project is shortlisted, we’ll get in touch with you to fill out a complete description of your profile and budget.

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Lend a helping hand to our passionate educators in enhancing their student's learning experience, your contribution matters!

A different learning experience is often beyond the educator’s grasp as capital forms their major concern. A small act of kindness could be insignificant in other people’s eyes, but in the eyes of the beneficiaries, it meant the whole world to them. is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to support educator's social projects which contributes back to our nation’s education sector. We aim to build a community of Malaysians who regularly gives back to our community via crowdfunding, starting by resolving educator’s concern. Start with a small act of kindness, you and I can make a difference.
  • Project execution period ----- from 27th Sep 2015 (Sun) to 4th Dec 2015 (Fri)
  • Reporting deadline --- 18 Dec 2015 (Fri)