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Fundraiser for Cai & Zie IGCSE Exams

  • 07/05/2019 - 30/06/2019
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 9,000

About Event

Hi everyone,

We are currently fundraising for two of our former minors, Cai* and Zie*. Both of them used to be under our Case Management programme. Now, they have both aged out but we are still following up on their educational pursuits. They attend a refugee community based learning centre here in Kuala Lumpur and are now ready to take their IGCSE** exams in October to November 2019. We are hoping to help register for the exam subjects sometime in June this year!
**IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14-16 year olds, taken in more than 160 countries.

They will be taking five subjects (English as Second Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics).
The breakdown of the fees per person are as follows:

RM 888 per subject exam fee x 5 Subjects = RM4,440
Total: Subject fees (RM 4,440) + transportation fees*** = RM4,500 +/-
***transportation fees is required for them to travel back and fourth from where they stay to their exam venue which is quite a distance away

Total Fundraising amount for two pax=
RM8,880 (Exam Fees) + RM120 (Transportation Allowance) = RM9,000

Here is the link to the exam fee details if you would like to find out more -

Any amount donated would be great help to help fund their exam registration fees. Here are more information of the two girls who will be sitting for the exam.

1. Zie, 19 years old

Hobby: Dancing, Reading Books, Singing and Acting

Currently, I am doing the IGCSE course in a learning center. There are six students in my class and we’re preparing to sit for the IGCSE exam next year in May/June 2019. We are taking 5 (English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry & Physics) subjects for this exam. My best subject is English but I find Mathematics a little difficult.

The reason why I would like to study is that studying gives me more opportunity to be anything I want. I passionately want to finish this exam and get into the university to study mass communication. I would like to become a TV or radio announcer. I like to talk to people in public and in school currently, I participated in many public speaking, singing, dancing and performing arts events.

My life goal is to be able to run my own business one day such as opening a café or restaurant.

2. Cai, 21 years old

Age / DOB: 02/03/1998

Hobby: Listening to music, playing violin and piano, teaching music & sharing knowledge.

Currently, I am doing IGCSE in a learning center. Probably we will sit this exam next years in June. I am taking 5 subjects (English, Math, Biology, Chemistry & Physics). My best subjects are biology but I find physics a little difficult.

I feel that studying gives me more confidence and I am able to gain new experiences as well. The new knowledge that I gain will help me build my confidence as well. My ambition is to be a teacher and I would like to be able to go back to Myanmar to provide education to the people there. I would like to be able to help people gain confidence through education.

Please do help Cai and Zie sit for their IGCSE Exams by donating to this campaign!
For more information regarding this fundraiser, do not hesitate to be in touch with us at [email protected].

*names of individuals have been changed to protect their anonymity