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Flying to Freedom

  • 21/11/2019 - 30/06/2020
  • Indonesia
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About Event

Indonesia's beautiful birds are under threat like never before; help us protect them so they don't disappear!

This is their story, and this is how together we can help them

Indonesia is home to a spectacular array of beautiful bird species, many of them brightly coloured and many of them with melodious voices. But sadly, these birds often fall victim to poachers and traffickers. This tragedy continues because the market for the birds is huge. The birds, the innocent victims, end up spending the rest of their lives in cramped conditions in small cages, and their former habitats become silent and dead. Please don't buy trafficked birds!

Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia (ASTI) takes care of birds rescued from the traffickers. Most of the birds taken in by ASTI are raptors (eagles, kites, owls) and parrots. These are the birds most sought after in the illegal pet trade and are those most frequently needing rescue. Sadly they often arrive at ASTI with diseases which need attention, or with wings clipped.

Our goal is to release as many as possible back into their natural habitats. This is a great challenge, since the birds in our care are from all across the Indonesian archipelago, meaning that they need to be returned to many different destinations, some of them in extremely remote and difficult-to-access places. Such journeys must be planned carefully to limit the stress experienced by the birds while travelling. Birds must also go though expensive pre-departure medical checks before they return to their home ranges, further complicating the difficult task we face. 

Your donation will help us do the best we can to send the birds home! 

We believe that together we can make a difference! Giving Tuesday is coming up on December 03, 2019, so please donate to help us make this a great day for birds. 

Our sincere thanks to all of you.