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Crowdfund for Mindvalley Intuition Training on Dec 1 to 2

  • 29/10/2018 - 11/11/2018
  • Singapore
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About Event

Tapping into one's intuition is a skill innate in everyone but has gradually been lost in this fast-moving world caught up with technological and scientific advancements. 

When individuals are able to tap into and harness their intuition, which is the body's highest intelligence, they will achieve a state of bliss and continued inspiration that propels them to success.

This 2-day Intuition Training held on 1 - 2 December 2018 is a world-leading course offered for the first time ever in Los Angeles. It teaches individuals how to access altered states of consciousness and deep meditation for tapping into enhanced intuition and inspiration. Find out more at

I’d like to attend this course hosted by Mindvalley, a global University delivering transformational education for people of all ages with the following objective:

To pick up the pedagogical skills in delivering intuition training, one of the 3 frontiers of mental health work in Asia that I’m pushing, hand in hand with spiritual emergence coaching and energy medicine.

Truth be told, Asia lags behind the West in this arena of mental health care when in actual fact, many effective approaches have their roots in the ancient wisdom of India, China and other indigenous cultures.

Therefore, my mission is to be effectively equipped with the subject matter knowledge (which I have accumulated over my 7-year mental health crisis-transformation journey) and also cutting-edge pedagogical skills so as to reconnect mental health sufferers and their families in Singapore and Asia with this knowledge and wisdom. 

This is in line with my company and personal philosophy of HEAL . LIBERATE . EMPOWER .

Learn more about my mental health crisis-transformation story and my work at:

I'm crowdfunding US$3395 to cover the following projected expenses:
Flights US$1400
Acommodation for 4-5 days US$600
Course Fee US$795
Transport, Meals US$600
Service charge of fundraising platform 5%

If you support my cause and would like to empower me in revolutionising the world of mental health in Asia, please donate generously. 

After all, we are all ONE and interconnected. What you give to the world will find its way back to you.