Fundraising Event

My Birthday For Children

  • 01/05/2015 - 31/12/2015
  • Philippines
USD 100
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Target : USD 20,000

About Event

In the Philippines birthdays are a time for celebration with friends and family, a time for joy and happiness, and a time for sharing. Now you can share your blessings and give back to the hundreds of thousands of kids that Save the Children works with every year.

We all know that here in the Philippines many children don't have the basic needs they deserve to live a full and healthy life. Sadly many of these children will only have nothing on their birthdays, and they pass them by without even knowing they have come, and gone. 

Please take this chance to give something back to the children of the Philippines by signing up for a fundraising event in the name of Save the Children. Show your friends and family that they can do so much more by supporting you in your effort to raise funds to save the children.

Thank you, and Happy Birthday from Save the Children!