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When Bells Meet Buckets

  • 10/11/2019 - 08/12/2019
  • Malaysia
MYR 1,430
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Target : MYR 5,000

About Event

WHEN BELLS MEET BUCKETS depicts the story of Malaysian youth who are using performing arts to cope with the challenges they face growing up in the urban poor community. The brutal truth about shame, loss of identity, family feud, peer pressure, and teen infatuation is showcased in an artistic presentation that you have never seen before, the ankle bells of classical Indian dancing to the beats of bucket drums.

This is the voice of our youth telling their story and reaching out to you. This is a story that is waiting to be told, it will break all stereotypes and make you see the significance of arts in our life's journey. Art is not a distraction, art is empowering, art is essential.

This is a production by GOODKIDS MALAYSIA and LS CREATION who have been working with the urban poor community in Klang Valley.  Together, they have impacted over 500 youth from Orang Asli communities, shelter homes, PPR communities and public schools.

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