Fundraising Event

Protect Nature. Support Our Rangers.

  • 18/12/2019 - 31/12/2020
  • Philippines
PHP 130,187
21% Complete
Target : PHP 600,000 Raised Offline : PHP 17,056

About Event

Ipo Watershed is a vital link in the Angat-Umiray-Ipo watersheds system which supplies around 96% of the water needs of Metro Manila. The protection of this area is crucial in ensuring water security – and for this we have the Bantay Gubat to thank.

Currently there are 209 Bantay Gubat divided into 7 teams patrolling the 6,600 hectares of forest land that surrounds the area. Faced with insufficient equipment to deal with constant rains and overnight patrols, the wardens of the Bantay Gubat are calling on you for help. 

They’ve requested for the following equipment: 

1) Solar powerbanks to charge their electronic devices for fieldwork;

2) Tents and canvas covers for when they set up camp; 

3) Boots for traversing rain-soaked trails; and 

4) Durable flashlights for navigating through the night. 

Your donations will supply our Bantay Gubat with the equipment they need to protect the forests of Ipo. 

2020 has just started. Start the year right and support our forest wardens. After all, they support our lives every day with the work they do to protect our source of water.