Fundraising Event

Helping Bintan Community in need during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • 28/07/2020 - 31/12/2020
  • Indonesia
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Target : SGD 4,500

About Event

Having the Covid-19 virus outbreak looming, most businesses are in stand-still and this, in turn, affects so many lives in Bintan. Normally Bintan Island is flourishing with tourists as it is a resort spot whereby people’s lives are supported by the tourism industry. However, the hotels are emptied and restaurants are emptied, when the virus started to spread. The supermarkets are open but empty, even the Pasar (the local market where families sell their crops) is unusually empty. The emptiness creates unbelievable sadness. The normal hustle and bustle of life are not apparent during the Covid-19.  Every family has somebody working in a hotel or selling something. Now with the Covid-19, the local people can no longer earn their livelihood as the hotels lay off staff, the restaurants have no customers or the souvenir shops have no customers, and so on.………..

For the last 2 years, we have been working with women communities in Bintan in our capacity as philanthropists. Even during the Covid-19 we keep going, drying bananas, jackfruits, pineapples, and other fruits which we buy from the small local growers. The funding is limited but our mission is very close to our heart – providing jobs for unemployed women.

During the Covid-19, we continue our mission and try to keep our team of local women together. With very little funding, we currently continue to provide jobs for the local women. The women we support need income to support their family as their husbands have lost their job.

 Building trust, we set our operations during the Covid-19 to ensure that we are able to continue our mission and to reach those most in need. We do this by:

 1.    distributing the available stock to the community for free

2.     building new stock of dry bananas, jackfruits, pineapples and other fruits for distribution during the Covid-19 to those who are in need

3.     doing research of the drying process

4.     developing a new product

Please help us change lives by making your donation. With your donation, we are creating an impact that will crucially lead to positive changes in the local women and their families, positive change in the local farmers and their families and positive change within the community.

 We are looking for donations and would be incredibly grateful if you can help us. We need SGD 4,500.00 till the end of October to do the above. Our energy, commitment, and patience will do the rest.

Feel free to contact us on Sinar Cahaya Solusi Indonesia by messaging us on

 Thank you for your support