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ACF CovidCARE Vegetable Garden Project and dry food packages

  • 05/08/2020 - 04/10/2020
  • Thailand
THB 13,931
13% Complete
Target : THB 100,000

About Event

ACF CovidCARE project: Help support an ACF family in need...
The Covid crisis impact on our children's families led ACF to start a vegetable garden on the school premises. Unemployed parents without any alternative source of income are planting vegetables for personal use, as well as for the school lunch meal every day. They earn a daily wage of THB300 to support their families. Wages are raised through donations and paid by ACF. Your support enables us to give hope to 8 families who have to feed 20 mouths every day. ACF also provides dry food packages to other families with no income.  These cost THB 500 for smaller families and THB850 for bigger families. Currently we have 25 ACF families who needs assistance at least once a month.