Fundraising Event

SCS Charity Athlete Programme

  • 31/12/2015
  • Singapore
SGD 17,512
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About Event

Racing is not for self-glory. Featured here are athletes who truly care about the community and are channelling their passion for sports towards doing good. No longer is it for personal fulfilment, gleaming medals or the applause of men, but to improve the lives of those who are in the fight against cancer.  

Launched in 2009, the Singapore Cancer Society Charity Athlete Programme gives sportsmen and sportswomen the opportunity to dedicate their passion to a meaningful cause to save lives. Each year, they participate in the annual fundraising event, the Race Against Cancer (, to help raise funds towards Singapore Cancer Society. Each mile conquered and every dollar raised gives our cancer patients strength and hope to keep fighting against cancer and a hope for tomorrow. 

To learn more about the Athlete you are supporting, click on their fundraising profile page to read their stories, and be inspired. Each of them have a unique story about why they run, and who they run for. Follow them, as they document their training schedules, and the events they are participating in. 

The Charity Athlete logo features a lilac ribbon which represent all cancers and general cancer awareness. Monies raised under the Charity Athlete Programme will contribute to the Society’s programmes which include subsidising cancer treatment for needy cancer patients, providing financial and welfare assistance to needy cancer patients, funding rehabilitative and home hospice care services as well as funding cancer screening and public education programmes.  If you wish to join in this band of inspiring individuals? Find out more about the charity athlete programme here: