Fundraising Event


  • 19/05/2017 - 16/09/2017
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 50,000

About Event

We would like to share a few inspiring messages from brave cancer survivors.

“I wanted to see my children graduate and have their own careers. Losing both my breasts did not bother me. Today, they are graduates with good careers and I live a normal life.” – Nining Yumiarti, 48-year-old breast cancer survivor.

“Young patients shouldn’t give up the fight. Accept this disease as a learning experience and a way to understand your body better. Change your mindset, be more open and positive, and you’ll be able to fight just like I did.” - Harikrishnan Maniam, 28-year-old lymphoma cancer survivor.

“Hope comes in many forms. To my family, the monthly financial assistance from MAKNA gave them hope. It helped ease my family’s burden and helped me through my treatment while I was still in college. I cannot thank the generous donors enough.” – Chye Jien Loon, 25-year-old lymphoma cancer survivor.

These aren’t mere messages but they also convey the survivors’ burning hope, courage and victory. These words kept the survivors going as the days rolled by with no definite outcome while they battled cancer. They didn’t know what to expect but they kept their hopes up for a promising tomorrow. 

At MAKNA, part of our effort is to help keep cancer patients’ hopes up and shining bright by providing them with the assistance they need. For MAKNA to continue helping them financially and emotionally, we’ll need YOUR help.

Funds raised from this initiative will ensure uninterrupted supply of financial assistance, surgical equipment, liquid food supplements, prostheses, and prescribed drugs for cancer patients who are poor and at the same time provide young cancer survivors with scholarships to pursue their tertiary education.

Your donation to this fund will make a real impact to the lives of those less fortunate and support our overall mission that includes providing all possible access to necessary assistance during their recovery period.

On 31 August 2017, 20 volunteer climbers will put their best “patriotic” feet forward and proudly wave the Jalur Gemilang at 4,095 metres above sea level, on what will be Malaysia’s 60th year of MERDEKA. This serves as the metaphor that signifies a cancer patient’s victorious fight against cancer and a hope of triumph for those who are faced with the ongoing battle.

Be part of this symbolic act of victory; and join us in this meaningful celebration.

YOUR help is important in continuing our work. YOU can contribute to “healing” these lives. YOU are the ones who make the difference.

Thank You!