Fundraising Event

Safety for Life

  • 21/03/2018 - 31/03/2019
  • Singapore
SGD 500
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Target : SGD 100,000

About Event

Prevention is Better Than Cure.

These Funds will allow 500 unfortunate families who have slippery floor tiles to imply floor safety into their housing.
Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards safety for another family! 

The fact is as we are getting older, falling risk increases.
However, falls should not be regarded as a natural part of ageing and it can be PREVENTED!
Don’t let falls become your burden in life!

Slip and fall accidents are common on wet floors, especially for the elderly and young children.
They can be serious and at times, fatal. Protect your loved ones today with SlipMedic - Stone Grip.
Stone Grip is a tested colvent anti-slip solution that increases the co-efficient of friction. With easy application, it is highly effective and greatly reduces the risks of slip accidents.

Let's Raise awareness about Floor safety and prevent situations that could have possibly happen!