Fundraising Event

Kempen Pendidikan Anak Asnaf dan Miskin 2020

  • 26/06/2020 - 31/12/2020
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 200,000

About Event

2020 is a global test year for the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic that has hit and disrupted various sectors. We see that in Malaysia, since March 18, the Movement Control Order (MCO) has been enforced. As a result, we can see the education sector and industry being closed to curb the outbreak.Statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources have estimated that almost 50 percent of the unemployment occurred due to the increasing number of workers. From this 50 percent estimate, the average of them are B40 income earners and poor families.So, imagine how they want to start a post-Covid-19 life that requires financial resources for their children's education and household needs? 


The Asnaf and Poor Education Campaign 2020 is a campaign that has entered its 2nd year this year. The campaign aims to help the poor and needy get access to education as well as help to ease the burden of their families to meet other needs. This campaign helps strengthen the education of the elderly.Under this campaign, we have three initiatives that work to advance the agenda of education:

  • Raudhatul Huffaz, a non-profit organization aimed at feeding and promoting the Quranic recitation culture
  • Darul Insyirah, a senior care center that promotes education relevant to the elderly in lifelong education
  • The Ummah Tuition Project, one of the initiatives to provide the less privileged community with access to quality education


With this campaign, we will be able to sponsor as many as 5,000 poor and poor people and will increase our complaints and alerts. These sponsors include:education kit (stationery and books)educational infrastructure (chairs, desks, closets)clothes and food while staying in the education centerbasic needs staff and faculty. By 2019, we have successfully illuminated over 3000 asphalt and poor children for access to education.We want a better world, so starting from education individuals will be formed and then they will build a prosperous society.