Fundraising Event

Eden Endowment Fund

  • 14/01/2019 - 31/03/2019
  • Singapore
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About Event

Since the formation of the Association in 1992, it has impacted more than 1,000 individuals with autism. Through its programmes and services, it has provided education, vocational and life skills training for students and adult clients with moderate to severe autism, aged two to their 30s.

For more than two decades, the Association has been a front-runner in advocating for awareness and understanding of autism, and promotion of community involvement and support for individuals with autism as well as their families.

However, as its students and adult clients grow older, the Association is challenged to meet the rising costs of continued education and skills training to maximise its beneficiaries' potential.

Through the Eden Endowment Fund, future gifts received by the Association will be protected as the Fund generates interest and returns from some low-risk investment projects which are approved by the Board of Management, where they will be channelled to specific purposes. This is one of the goals of the Eden Endowment Fund - to help keep life-long learning affordable for those who need it the most.