Teach for Malaysia is an independent, non-profit organisation that is on a mission to ensure all children in Malaysia are given the opportunity to attain an excellent education. TFM's 2-year fellowship program trains individuals as teachers so that they are able to transform learning in classrooms at the grassroots level. They also partner with the Ministry of Education to improve education outcomes in underprivileged communities. Your donation will help towards empowering this social movement to end education inequity in Malaysia.

My Story

As part of the relatively small cohort of Malaysian people who are studying/have studied overseas, I was given access to a more than adequate education growing up. I have the privilege of knowing that by the end of this degree my options will be numerous and that I will have more freedom than most to chart the course of my life. However, all of this mostly boils down to luck and socio-economic status. The reality is that 1 in 5 Malaysian students don't complete secondary school and 44% of Malaysians don't even fit minimum proficiency levels in reading. This significantly reduces employment prospects and severely limits household incomes, which then cycles the same problem to future generations.

Everyone deserves the chance to have choices in life that upward social mobility can provide.
And it all starts with a good education. <3

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