By donating the cost of one coffee per week throughout my campaign would be enough to help keep a girl in school for a whole year! The cost of one coffee per day would pay nearly half of a girls university fees. The life we complain about is only a dream to some people.

My Story

I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. For the month of October I am going to stay alcohol free, walk 10000 steps per day for the month, with a final aim of climbing a Munro before November. Those who know me know how I like a wee wine or gin at night and unless I go out on my horse struggle to even walk 5000 steps a day! However over the month it totals around 150 miles!! This is a big thing for me and I am grateful for every penny you can donate. Even £1 will make a massive difference to WONDERWorks and the ladies they help. Back in 2015 my brother was caught up in the Nepal earthquake, with no contact for days we were fearing the worst. Fortunately for Ross he was befriended by ladies from a local charity named WONDERWorks, and got home safely. This wasn't the case for many others. Some still living in tents, still unable to afford to rebuild their homes. WONDERWorks is a charity who do amazing things. Supporting and educating women and children to live a life free from stigma an violence. All funds raised will go direct to WONDERWorks to enable them to support these women and children, keeping them in education, supporting them through further studies, or setting them up in business and supporting them to be successful. 5000HKD sounds like a lot, but it's only just over £500. I feel this is a realistic target. For more information you can visit Please support me by donating. If you are unable to donate why not join me in my 10000 step/day target and come for a walk with me, motivate me! Even better, join my campaign and help raise money for WONDERWorks Much love xx

Recent Donors

  • Brian Laing

    Well done Em bet you can't do it till new year now!

    GBP 10 11/11/2019 10:55:49 AM UTC

  • Ingrid Laing

    Thank huge you to Susan and Aiden for their kind donation

    GBP 45 11/11/2019 10:45:10 AM UTC

  • Lesley Routledge

    GBP 5 11/08/2019 09:03:57 PM UTC

  • Lynzi Bruce

    Well done em xxxx

    GBP 5 11/08/2019 01:14:51 PM UTC

  • Ingrid Laing

    A huge thank you for the kind donations from: Shirley Brotherton Evelyn Caldow Malcolm from HIS The customers of Bettys Kitchen

    GBP 80 11/08/2019 12:05:51 PM UTC

  • Martyn Armstrong

    GBP 25 11/04/2019 12:44:55 PM UTC

  • Hilary Napier

    GBP 25 11/03/2019 11:01:49 AM UTC

  • laura Bryson

    GBP 5 11/01/2019 10:38:05 AM UTC

  • Linda Stewart

    GBP 20 11/01/2019 10:08:28 AM UTC

  • Ross Laing

    AUD 50 11/01/2019 07:02:01 AM UTC

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