Hi, my name is Haissazc and an intern at IDEAS Malaysia. IDEAS Malaysia is a learning centre that provides an education for the undocumented children and refugees and IDEAS Academy is 100% depending on donation to keep their doors open for the kids to get the education. Your donation is really meaningful for these kids to keep their hopes alive and to achieve their dreams. Thank you so much for believing in this children can change the world by giving them the access to education through your donation.

My Story

Every child in this world has the right to life, survival, and development in their maximum extent possible. We know that, but do we know how it feels to become a child that was denied to get those rights? Can we imagine being a refugee at the early age and see other children same like their age have the access to get and education while they can't? Do you know what is the worst thing that can happen to these children? They can be arrested and returned back to their origin of place which they cannot even survive in it. Why? Because they are considered as the illegal immigrant as Malaysia don't be a signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees. When these children are considered being the illegal immigrant, they have no access to government-funded schools in Malaysia. Their fundamental right was denied, which is the right of getting an education. 

Luckily, these children can still get the access to education at informal learning centers that were run by the UNHCR partnerships and one of the partnerships is the IDEAS Academy. IDEAS Academy is the learning center for marginalized and undocumented children from the age of 12 to 18 and it provides secondary school level system for them. 

IDEAS Academy always believes that these kids have the potential to change the world to become a better place and they key of making that happen is by giving them the education. By giving them the access to education, these children can grow up to become responsible, confident and compassionate persons that can bring positivity and changes to the community.

However, IDEAS Academy is 100% depending on funding to provide education to these students and the Academy is currently facing hard times as they are running out of funds to keep the IDEAS Academy from closing their doors.

And because of that, your donation is really meaningful for these children to have their education at the secure place. Your donation also can be a step that can drive these children to achieve their dreams to become successful person that can contribute back to the community.  

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