Please help me raise money to fund another child’s education for a year! Any amount donated is highly appreciated. :)

My Story

Hello! I’ve set up this fund to be able to simultaneously donate to the Hero Foundation, Inc., the target amount of which is equivalent to a year’s worth of stipend that will be directly given to a Filipino soldier’s family to help fund a primary schooler’s educational needs like books, uniform, meals, transportation, school supplies, and tuition fees.

I say simultaneously donate because I’m also currently sponsoring children on World Vision Philippines and SOS Children’s Village Philippines. As I’m not rich nor do I make big bucks, I currently can’t afford to make another donation to the Hero Foundation, Inc., an NGO that I’ve chosen to support as well given their cause to provide educational stipends to military orphans. The financial support helps keep orphans in school as it covers much needed requirements such as school supplies, transportation, meals, and even a portion of their tuition fee.

Thanks, Loves, and may God bless you for your generosity!😘

Recent Donors

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    PHP 3,000 04/07/2019 09:32:56 AM UTC

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    PHP 2,000 04/07/2019 07:39:37 AM UTC

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    PHP 1,000 02/21/2019 01:52:57 AM UTC

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    PHP 3,000 10/26/2018 10:46:16 PM UTC

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    PHP 1,000 10/22/2018 01:38:02 AM UTC

  • Aiza Tsang

    PHP 3,000 10/20/2018 03:39:56 PM UTC

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