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Double The Smile :D

Salaam there! One way or another, Veveonah’s story makes its way to our little hearts. It’s painful for us to observe that youth, like you and me, need to climb a tree to get internet access just so she could study and take an exam. This is happening in Malaysia; a country that has a 100% penetration rate of the internet (Gong, 2020). Meanwhile, here we are, reading this in the comfort of our beds, with a roof on top of our head, with food on the table. We have a strong belief that Veveona’s case is not an isolated case. We watched Charisma Movement’s interviews with teachers, parents, and kids from Sabah and it further proves the education gap in Sabah is wider than our experiences in Peninsular. They can’t afford to have more devices and to buy more internet quota, hence the parents need to drive the kids to the nearest town for access to quality education.

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As part of our pledge to Project Anak Malaysia, we manage to find kind donors that pledge to match any amount of donation we raise (capped at RM500). That means ANY AMOUNT OF DONATION YOU MAKE will be matched 100% by the donors. You’ll bring double the smiles to the kids in Sabah! And if we raise RM1000, we both pledge to add another RM200. In this economic hardship, we believe that money is the best medium to help the kids and their families in Sabah. Let’s show our care by giving our share!


-Syafika & Alif, 2021-

Gong, R. (2020). Digital Inclusion: Assessing Meaningful Internet Connectivity in Malaysia. Khazanah Research Institute, (11).

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