Your contribution could make a difference in someone’s life. No matter how small it is, it bring significant value to others.

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We are "The Union", a group of independent individuals supporting Mercy Malaysia. We care, we believe a small kind off kindness would relieves burdens of the less fortunate one.
We drive donation for Mercy because it is transparent, well established, and experienced in humanitarian aid. Throughout the years, Mercy has expanded not only in medical aid, but also covers emergency response, rehab and recovery, mitigation and prevention, and disaster.

As part of "The Union" effort and appreciation to the donors, we would like to share a free educational information on Cybersecurity prepared by our team, a Certified Ethical Hacker, where this would help you to safe guard yourself from cyber attack. Please click the link for our content: Mogan Msquare - YouTube

Recent Donors

  • Izmil Hanafi

    MYR 20 05/28/2022 01:41:37 PM UTC

  • Tasha

    MYR 50 05/27/2022 02:54:31 PM UTC

  • anonymous anonymous

    MYR 50 05/27/2022 01:24:50 AM UTC

  • Putri Alesya

    MYR 10 05/23/2022 02:31:58 PM UTC

  • Wan Raiez

    MYR 10 05/21/2022 03:21:23 PM UTC

  • Nur Fasya Azmi

    MYR 10 05/19/2022 10:35:56 AM UTC

  • Hafiz Hendri

    MYR 10 05/13/2022 08:33:18 AM UTC

  • Yunus Yunus

    MYR 10 05/12/2022 10:12:18 AM UTC

  • Ahmad Khuzairi

    MYR 10 05/12/2022 10:12:10 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 10 05/12/2022 10:11:39 AM UTC

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