Please join us in supporting women in Cox Bazar.

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During this holy month of Ramadan, we (a group of friends) would like to support those families who cannot celebrate Ramadan the way they used to. Women in refugee camp in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh need our assistance.
In solidarity with our Muslim friends and those women, who need UN Women's support, we are skipping our lunch until the end of Ramadan. Please join us in this journey. 
Let us all come together in the name of generosity and do our part by donating our lunch money! 

Escalating violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State triggered the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis in 2017. Since August 2017, more than 745,000 Rohingya refugees have fled into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, according to the Inter-Sector Coordination Group, the humanitarian coordination body for the Rohingya crisis. Most of them are women. Some of women were raped, some lost their husbands and became single mothers, caring for their kids. 

UN Women works to ensure that  Rohingya women and girls are safe and have access to education, health care, and economic empowerment opportunities. 

Who are you helping?

Minara Begum is among the thousands of Rohingya women who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar. When she saw the houses being burnt down, she ran with her parents, her siblings and her four-year-old daughter. Minara is only 23 years old and has traversed unimaginable hardships to find safety in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh. But safety is still a relative term for her. On her list of priorities are income-generating opportunities, better food and education for her daughter, and a secure place to live when the rains come. Minara Begum’s story reflects the reality of hundreds of thousands of women caught in one of the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis.

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