Hello, my name is Sin Yun. I am an intern at Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), where I had the opportunity to learn about IDEAS Academy. Led by a team of dedicated staffs and teachers, IDEAS Academy is a secondary-level learning centre for underprivileged children and refugees. Please help IDEAS Academy to keep its doors open by donating to our cause.

My Story

Dear friends,

IDEAS Academy provides secondary education for marginalised children in Kuala Lumpur, including refugees, stateless and undocumented youths. Refugees have no legal status in Malaysia and are denied entry into the national education system. As a strong believer in education for all, the work of IDEAS Academy is very close to my heart. No child should be deprived of the opportunity to learn due to background, race and economic situation. 

However, IDEAS Academy is in dire need for funds. Due to insufficient funding, IDEAS Academy might be forced to shut its doors in August. They need at least RM 200,000 (or USD 50 000) to keep the lights on, pay rent and teachers' salaries, and provide food for the children until the end of December.

Having previously volunteered my time as a teaching assistant in a similar learning centre, I have seen firsthand how education gives a sense of purpose to a child's life. Education is more than acquiring knowledge - it empowers people to develop personally and become positive contributors to the society. Your generous support can help these children receive the education they deserved. Thank you.

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