I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Hello, I’m Michelle and this is my very first fundraiser! I chose to raise funds for this cause in order that through this, we may collectively make a difference in the lives of our Elderly.

About the Cause I am fundraising for:

Goal: Rehabilitate seniors’ homes into a safe and sanitary living environment

When I read about the living conditions and challenges faced by some of the Seniors in our society, it was simply heart breaking. My hope is that by our giving, we will be able to improve the lives of the marginalized Elderly in our society.

Some people have asked me, why Care Corner? Well, pictured with me is my Uncle Harry. He has been attending an Activity Centre for Seniors at Care Corner for over a decade now and it is he, who inspires me. You see, Uncle Harry was born a normal baby nearly 80 years ago. Then one day, while still a baby, he developed a very high fever which resulted in brain damage leaving him intellectually disabled. He is unassuming, kind and truly the most loving person I’ve ever known. As he lives out his Golden Years, coupled with his disability, additional support and constant supervision is often required. Fortunately for Uncle Harry, he is well cared for by the whole family who loves him dearly. It is heart wrenching to imagine someone like him or anyone, let alone someone elderly having to live in an unsafe, pest infested house where every day is a struggle fraught with endless challenges. For these vulnerable ones, their days are  spent in unhygienic and hazardous living conditions. I've come to realize that this is a sad reality for many of our Elderly...

Care Corner lives out its vision by aiming to provide Care to every corner in Singapore. It has provided a place of belonging, love and care for my uncle and countless numbers of our elderly. I am truly grateful and choose to partner them in this fundraiser as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary. By doing so, Care Corner will be able to  do what it does best, which is to touch more lives, through your generosity.

Please do Journey with me to help our Seniors live Better lives. After all, doesn't Everyone deserve to live a life of Dignity?

We are ever so grateful for your kind support. 

Thank you for being that special someone who lifts people up and makes this world a better place. 

“The greatest gifts are those which come from the heart”   ❤️

God Bless!

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