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Hi Everyone! This year, I'd love if you would all help me in donating to an amazing elephant sanctuary I stayed at and volunteered for during my time in Thailand. The sancuary is called BEES(Burm and Emily's Elephany Sanctuary), and their goal is to have "a safe, natural home for elephants to just BE elephants. A place for elephants to be rescued and retire too OR at times (they) open our doors to elephants that need rest/care with the hopes of being able to permanently live out their days in at the sanctuary in a natural environment free from exploitation and abuse." The sancuary is placed in the beautiful forest of Chiang Mai, surrounded by moutains and a small village of amazing people who let us stay in their homes while we passed through. The sanctuary is made up a a small tree house like villa, with cute little puppies and dogs running around, most of which have been rescued as well. Here are some

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