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My Story

As most of you know I am currently training to run a full marathon in Malaysia on the 13th April 2019, my training is going well with only over five weeks to go until the race. As part of my own Corporate Social Responsibility in my yearly targets, my goals are to raise funds for a truly worthy cause. My wife Nicola carries out volunteer work within the centre and has highlighted the fund raising efforts of the centre, which is run on voluntary donations. Please find some information below on the centre. The Myanmar refugee children have been through persecution, violence and discrimination. They have been denied education, medical care and human rights. Some have seen and endured unimaginable events. Some of the adults have been trafficked and were held captive. Because of these hardships, many fled and made their way through several countries to find safety. The children, who now live in Malaysia, have no refugee status, are not allowed to attend government schools and their parents are not legally allowed to work. Life is still hard and a daily struggle. Parents cannot provide even the basics for their children. Myanmar Education Centre school was set up 10 years ago, to provide an education for these refugee children. The school relies almost entirely on charity and help from volunteers and sponsors, who also help by fundraising and donating to the wider community. Our dedicated team of volunteers not only teach in the school, but also take on many other tasks to help provide a learning environment which is kind, caring and safe while still providing them with the best education possible. Myanmarese refugee schools lost their funding through UNHCR in 2014 and the financial situation has been difficult. 100 % of money raised will go towards the education of the children, resources for the school, and the running of the school for the 70 + children, aged 6 -16, who attend on a daily basis and to help support their families. Money will be used for: To fund the school. To provide improved health care and insurance to the families. To improve their diet by providing a daily hot cooked, meal at school, and continuing the Breakfast Club. Supplement their diet with nutritious food. To sponsor children who cannot afford school fees. To provide outings and transportation costs. To provide skills’ training for older students and their parents to enable them open up micro enterprise businesses. With your financial help we will be able to continue educating the students in our care and help us to improve the lives and well-being of the students and their families and help make their future a brighter, healthier, happier and successful one. I have set a modest target of 2675 Malaysian Ringgit which is £500 in UK money. Most of you know myself and Nic donate to worthy causes around the world and at home in Scotland. We ask that you find it in your hearts to help us help these children receive an education. Any amount is most welcome to a very worthy cause. I shall be posting updates on our social media regarding the fundraising and of course training efforts.

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  • Chris Rowand

    Great effort 🏃

    AUD 50 02/05/2019

  • Gareth Campbell

    MYR 100 26/04/2019

  • Alan Duncan

    Good luck with this, great cause! Lets all do the hamster! X

    GBP 20 22/04/2019

  • Sara Quinn

    MYR 150 22/04/2019

  • Martin Finnie

    MYR 150 22/04/2019

  • Anonymous

    MYR 600 22/04/2019

  • Deano And Antonia

    For a great cause and the cheapest labour in Malaysia ;-)

    MYR 523 16/04/2019

  • Bowen Therapy KLCC KLCC

    MYR 550 08/04/2019

  • Daniel Carnie

    Good luck mate

    MYR 150 08/04/2019

  • Kim & Paddy Devlin

    Good luck, You’ll smash it Razz!!

    MYR 150 08/04/2019

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