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I stare out the window of the bus, the mountains seem to zoom past me in a blur. I look over at my friends, who are all getting ready to get off the bus. As we take another turn a gate comes into view. We drive under it and see students. The students are standing in the middle of a basketball court, the sun's rays shining on their faces and lighting up their smiles. They wave at us through the small openings in the bus windows. As we get off the bus, we are greeted by around thirty people, some wearing blue and white uniforms, others wearing deep green. We greet them, exchanging names and smiles. This was the last school we visited in the week of our Gansu trip, a week I will never forget. Teaching the kids was an eye-opening experience for me. Seeing their learning environment taught me to be grateful for my education and to take it seriously. When we were leaving the students were extremely upset. During this trip, I realized not to take my education for granted. I hope that the organization can continue to make these trips because collectively we have a chance to make a difference in their lives. Changing Young Lives aim to educate underprivileged girls, teaching them that they don’t have to drop out of school early, but they can finish school and get a job. Thank you Changing Young Lives for giving me this incredible opportunity to make a small change in these children's lives.

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