We are raising money to help 100 girls from the Spring Blossom scholarship program to continue their studies for 2 more years. Hope you can support us and help these girls out. Thank you!

My Story

This June, we went on a voluntary service trip to Gansu (甘肅), China with Studio 83 on behalf of Changing Young Lives Foundation. During our one week’s time visit, we travelled to 5 schools in Dongxiang, bringing elements of arts and sports to over 600 left-behind children. We also visited 20 girls participating in CYLF's Spring Blossom program teaching them simple English conversational skills and exposing them to a variety of arts such as beading and painting. We established pen pal programs with these girls and hope to provide them continuous support throughout the program.

After gaining such eye-opening experience, we hope to further help these children by setting up a fundraising page, which will allow us to help improve the maintenance, facilities and hygiene of the schools that were visited, as well as to support the development of the “Spring Blossom” scholarship program in Gansu to continue their studies for 2 more years. The aim is to raise $250,000, and we personally hope to reach a goal of $50,000.
There is so much more that you and I can do to help these children. No matter the amount, your donations will definitely make a difference for them, making Dongxiang a better place to call home.

Thank you for all the help!

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