"Cyclists with Compassion" rides again! This time raising funds and awareness for The Tamar Center and The HandtoHand Foundation in Pattaya! All donated funds will be equally distributed between both charities!

My Story

"Cyclists With Compassion" was started with the goal to make a difference to underprivileged children and young adults by raising money and awareness for charities that provide them with education, training, protection and shelter, which in turn will bring hope for a better, brighter future.  By raising money from friends and family donated in recognition of our mental and physical efforts, we hope to contribute our little part of making the world for some beautiful children and young adults a little better, a little brighter!  We know we can't change the entire world, but we can make a difference for some... one by one, bit by bit! 
CWC2022 has chosen two worthy charities as the beneficiary for the 2022 ride: The Tamar Center ( and The HandtoHand Foundation ( All funds donated will be equally shared by both charities.

All cyclists pay all expenses for the tour themselves and all proceeds will go to the selected charity! 

Thank you for your support!   

Recent Donors

  • Joyette Jopson

    THB 6,000 11/30/2022 02:05:33 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Great to see the work being done by CWC… Stan Cook

    GBP 100 11/30/2022 03:23:54 AM UTC

  • Grace Young

    Great job and well done by all CWC cyclists! Hope to ride with you at CWC2023.

    SGD 1,000 11/29/2022 04:24:03 AM UTC

  • David and Lan

    THB 6,000 11/24/2022 03:27:02 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    EUR 25 11/22/2022 08:20:59 PM UTC

  • Garcia Xyllene

    Thank you for this opportunity to extend our help. Creating ripples! :)

    PHP 1,000 11/22/2022 02:08:16 PM UTC

  • Mandar Mane

    From Mayura, Deepak, Dipali and Toral...hope you had a good ride and wish you many more!

    THB 1,700 11/21/2022 08:50:42 AM UTC

  • Edmund Rajendra

    Well done! to the CWC team, Reiner and Selina and friends. Thank you for your generous spirit and for organising the trip.

    SGD 500 11/21/2022 03:23:34 AM UTC

  • Tony Gasparre

    Congratulations Harry. Great ride, great cause.

    AUD 25 11/19/2022 10:53:28 PM UTC

  • Gerdien Waugh

    Thanks Daniel and Steffi for all your work. We pray for you.

    USD 50 11/19/2022 03:33:18 PM UTC

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