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I have reached my target and am going to Bario - THANK YOU EVERYONE! :)

My Story

Hello there! My name's Xueh Wei, and I'm participating in a Youth Cultural Exchange organized by Project WHEE! this year. To put it simply, Project WHEE- # Is a youth volunteering project # Aims to help the rural women of Bario, Sarawak by teaching them English informally # Includes helping Bario women in their daily activities & engaging in community services Volunteers (such as myself) will be assigned to 1-2 of the women to teach them English. All of these in efforts of boosting eco-tourism! Why? To help them gain fairer income + retain population + preserve the rich culture. When? 17th January - 7th February 2015 (approx. 3 weeks) Expenses include? Training fees, Airfare, Transportation, Accommodation and Food. I have been blogging about my progess on You can also see my fundraising updates on the sidebar! Update: I HAVE REACHED MY FUNDRAISING GOAL. Biggest Love & THANK YOU to everyone who have helped & supported me along the way, couldn't have done it without YOU. Bario here I come! -Xueh Wei-

Recent Donors

  • William JC. Lee

    Coming back with more :3

    MYR 10 12/20/2014 05:02:57 PM UTC

  • Michelle Teoh

    All the best, Xueh Wei! :)

    MYR 10 12/14/2014 10:57:52 PM UTC

  • Thum Keng Leong

    MYR 250 12/02/2014 10:35:47 PM UTC

  • Thum Keng How

    MYR 250 12/01/2014 12:21:15 PM UTC

  • Thum Keng Wei

    MYR 250 11/30/2014 10:06:48 AM UTC

  • Lai Kum

    Thank you, Siu Kiu, for your support. Your generosity is very much appreciated

    MYR 100 11/28/2014 09:55:29 PM UTC

  • Xueh Wei

    Thank you Man Keat for being a very berry supportive friend! Appreciate your generous donation :D

    MYR 50 11/28/2014 09:49:40 PM UTC

  • Rach Anna Maria

    Just because I can't go doesn't mean I can't support the cause. Though my donation may be little, I do hope it would somehow play a small part in supporting my good friend to experience this wonderful opportunity. :) All the best, Wei! <3

    MYR 15 11/05/2014 09:32:40 PM UTC

  • Max La Menace

    MYR 500 11/05/2014 09:09:07 PM UTC

  • Anonymous


    MYR 50 11/05/2014 07:21:59 PM UTC

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