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"Improving our mental health is as important as improving our physical health". CARTWHEELS hopes that Mental Health Services and Programmes are accessible to everyone in the community. Please support us by donating! Donations received from 2 August 2021 to 10 September 2021 will be eligible for matching fund by Tote Board, subject to approval.

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We believe that the creativity promotes mental wellness. Engaging in creativity improves brain function, mental health and physical health.

To thank you for your support, we will be emailing you an e-book of creative play activities for children. This e-book "Meaningful Play for Toddlers" was written from feedback by many parents struggling to work from home and care for their little ones, needing easy-to-prep activities in small spaces. Please complete this form: so that we may send you the e-book.  

During this campaign period, we will also be sharing 10 process art activities suitable for children, youths, adults and families via Instagram and Facebook. You can follow us by clicking the links below.

We hope our activities will inspire you and everyone in the community to make creativity a part of their lives for mental wellness #creativityformentalwellness

About the Cause 
Goal: Provide individuals or caregivers with mental health support and counselling Amidst COVID-19, we saw a rise in mental health needs. Individuals coping with the economic fallout, stress from adapting to the uncertainty of work arrangements, caregiving with tight safety measures and home-schooling students. Being cooped up indoors also raised family tensions and strained relationships. Counselling not only enables us to learn more about ourselves but acquire new skills to improve communication, problem-solving and relief from mental health challenges. By defraying the subsidised counselling fee, we intend to support caregivers from disadvantaged backgrounds or individuals who have lost financial stability. 

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