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Hello there, am trying to raise funds in support of WAO's effort in refurbishing shelter homes for those seeking refuge.

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The issues of female representation and empowerment are very important to those of us organizing THE HIGH HEEL DASH. We are a diverse female-led team with varying levels of fondness for heels (I personally only wear high heels for wedding dinners/ special events as I am more of a sneaker or flip-flop type of girl. Hats-off to those who can wear it on a daily basis) and do know that we have considered the issues of injury and representation in great detail before launching the event. 

Since its inception in Amsterdam, high heel runs have enjoyed a positive track record for fundraising and awareness-raising around the world – usually in the interest of women-related issues such as breast cancer. These runs embrace high heels not as a symbol for the event itself but as a rallying point for the real deal: educational talks and awareness-raising. We feel that the High Heel Dash is a good rallying point for bringing more like-minded women together for precisely such activities. In the case of Malaysia, where only 1 in 2 working-age women are active in the labour force, we want to celebrate modern working women who are asked to juggle multiple roles in life. 

Our surveys within and without the team suggest that many women, some of whose working experience clock over a decade, are fully comfortable with the idea of being a professional who also happens to love fashion and heels. These women constantly deal with very important questions, and have accepted that they enjoy complicating the story of the modern feminist. 

As with all sports, we are aware of there being a risk to injury for this event. Based on our research of former high heel runs, we feel that 50 meters is a reasonably safe distance for our participants. All dashers will be well-informed of the risks involved and we aim to have only participants who give their informed consent to be a part of this event. 

Let us all come together for a day - to just celebrate how much women have achieved over the decades. This is not about a pair of shoe, it is about the women who wore them. Our event is in support of WAO - to help them create a more comfortable environment for women who are seeking refuge and a second chance in life. Every ringgit count in creating that safe space for them. Thank you.

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