Need an excuse to indulge your sweet tooth? Support my cause and empower women and girls in Cox's Bazar while nibbling on a homemade cookie or freshly baked cake!

My Story

Wouldn't it be great if we could satisfy our sweet cravings and do good at the same time? Support my cause and get a homemade treat in return. Help Rohingya women and girls in Cox's Bazar by eating:
  • Chocolate chip cookie = EUR 3 / THB 100
  • Cupcake = EUR 5 / THB 175
  • Monchou taart (delicious Dutch version of cheesecake; see picture) = EUR 10 / THB 350
*Free personal delivery in Thailand and the Netherlands but please note that deliveries to the Netherlands are likely to be delayed by a few months*

P.S. Not much of a sweet tooth? Your donation remains more than welcome!

The Issue
Escalating violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State triggered the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis in 2017. Since August 2017, more than 745,000 Rohingya refugees have fled into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.The scale and speed of the influx more than doubled the population living in the refugee settlements and resulted in a critical humanitarian emergency. The severity of gender-based violence coupled with restrictive social norms has made the Rohingya crisis particularly devastating for women and girls. UN Women works to ensure that Rohingya women and girls are safe and have access to education, health care, and economic empowerment opportunities.

With your support UN Women will be able to:
  1. Establish more Multi-Purpose Women Centres as safe spaces for women where women are safe, get psycho-social support, paramedic care, health and emergency services, and life-saving information.
  2. Build additional women-only toilets and bathing facilities, offering women greater sanitation and security.
  3. Support skills training to provide women with income-generating opportunities.
  4. Advance gender equality.

Recent Donors

  • Jos op de W

    Goede inspanningen voor een goed doel!

    EUR 20 14/03/2019

  • Anonymous

    EUR 25 13/03/2019

  • Anonymous

    USD 5 13/03/2019

  • Priya

    Great work! looking forward to the monchou taart

    EUR 10 12/03/2019

  • Tamara G

    Donation for a Cupcake :)

    THB 175 11/03/2019

  • Janet Bond 008

    I am in for the cookies - keto friendly please :). Not sure about that Dutch cheese cake thing....

    USD 10 11/03/2019

  • Jeroen K

    EUR 10 11/03/2019

  • Anonymous

    THB 350 11/03/2019

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