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What is our initiative about?

Our idea cultivates the rising concern involving marine life (particularly corals). The idea of having a storybook illustrated and told in layman terms would encourage a wider audience (i.e kindergarten, primary school students) to understand how important corals are to our ecosystem and what they can do to protect these silent creatures of our oceans. As we believe that a call for action is necessary, we hope that this would instill a need for youth and kids to stand together to do their part! 

The illustration and storyline will be an original from the group and we would mainly focus on selling digital books (due to the pandemic, most of us are separated) but would have the option of selling physical copies but at a limited quantity that comes along with a tote bag as a small memento for the audience to keep and remember that they can do their part to contribute to saving the corals.

What do you get when you donate with us?
With every donation of RM7 (or more!), you'll receive a digital copy of our book!

BUT if you donate at least RM30, you will get: 
1. A digital copy of the book
2. A PHYSICAL copy of the book
3. A totebag featuring the star, Jiggy the Coral!
*excluding postage

Once you've made your donation (which we will be very thankful for!), please reach out to me either via email at or Whatsapp (+601135159311).

We also accept offline donations (bank transfers)!! If you'd like to donate via bank transfer, please click the link below for the bank details:

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