I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating. You will never know who can touch by your little generosity and kindness!

My Story

Dear friends,

There are many things that we treasure in this life and for some people, life will never be the same again if they are diagnosed with illnesses. You can come out of it a stronger person or you could dwell in your sicknesses and begin to sink into depression. Bottom line is that we will never know how it feels to be down with illnesses unless we have gone through and experience it for ourselves. The big "C" for example, has been a taboo for some families to talk about it because it has brought along so much pain, anger, frustration and endless question marks of why, when and how? 
We may never know all the answers to our doubts but we can all share the burden of those who are suffering even those that we do not know personally. It is always easier to give to people that we know; someone that we care and love but if you have the love of humanity, we should love everyone regardless of race and social class. "Love each one unconditionally as how God has loved you". You will never know who you can touch by your little generosity and kindness! 

So, to start off, please do visit the web site of "Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA)" to check out their events and how you can help them......if we are able, please do provide the financial support to BCWA so that BCWA can continue with their mission to improve the quality of lives for women with breast cancer and to create a well-informed society with regards to breast health and breast cancer.

Do visit the web site: for more information on how you can help.

Thank you for supporting a good cause!

God bless everyone!

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