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My Express Train

The Xpress Train was an initiative of two young men who, in late 2017, got inspired and decided to start a new business. They went through all the motions, did everything necessary, and the result was a blast. The Xpress Train was founded based on the venture builder model. Venture building helps to nurture entrepreneurs by providing affordable office space, services training, mentoring and a network of professional and investors. The Xpress Train helps individuals or entrepreneurs to Build, Launch and Grow their products or ideas. At The Xpress Train, we have 3 tracks of venture building.

  • The first track focuses on startups, cultivating and nurturing innovative ideas into profitable ventures.
  • The second focuses on existing business, by understanding their pain points and developing solutions for those pain points.
  • The third track comprises the task of working with existing businesses in order to think of and develop new ways to scale them.

Besides these, The Xpress Train or TXT as we like to call it, is committed to giving back to the society within which it thrives. As for coworking space, we offer 4 different types of spaces from as low as RM150 per month. Our rates for event space starts from as low as RM175 per day.

The Xpress Train also provided business consultation such as
  •  Business Growth Centre
  • Software & Hardware Development
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  •  Blockchain Hub & Academy 
  •  Ai & IOT Solutions.

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