In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, Bernard and I would like to get you involved in something we are passionate about--social justice and peace building.

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Bernard and I believe that each person can be a peace builder and deliver social justice. And so, we would like to get you involved in what we are passionate about by serving the children of Marawi and their families.

Marawi is home to the Maranao people of the Philippines. The Islamic city boasted of rich culture and beautiful architecture, including the Grand Mosque, Buildings of Mindanao State University, and even the Catholic cathedral of St. Mary's. Marawi in itself was peaceful habitat for both Muslims and Christians. This peace, however, was interrupted when the city was under siege of the Maute rebel group in May 2017, followed by the five-month long battle with the Philippine security forces. The aftermath left Marawi in a "Ground Zero" state and under Martial Law. Moreover, families remained displaced from their homes while taking refuge in shelters, students have to take informal classes in makeshift schools in neighboring cities, and adults have no source of livelihood. Undeniably, citizens of Marawi are crying for healing from their trauma and the devastation of their war-torn city.

With your donation, you are empowering the efforts of Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM) to give hope to the children of Marawi and their families. TPBPM is one of the organizations that have pledged to support Marawi citizens since the time of the siege, and until now the NGO is present with refugees, providing counseling and "peace gifts" among other needs.

Watch TPBPM's work here:

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  • Rachel and Jai Empig

    Dear B & G, We are so excited for your upcoming wedding day and lifetime of marriage. We wish we could be there but do know we are thinking of you and praying over your relationship. We know God is going to use you both to reach many people for Him. What a team!! Have an amazing day, can't wait to stalk photos. Love from Rach and Jai xx

    USD 50 31/10/2018

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