To celebrate Clement has made 35 trips around the sun, this year I am going to surprise him by donating his birthday presents to Hong Kong Dog Rescue. Thank you for your love and for changing the lives of dogs.

My Story

We adopted our wonderful dog Austin from Hong Kong Dog Rescue a month ago. He is a very easy and loyal dog who adores Daddy and the kids. As first-time paw-rents, we truly appreciate everything HKDR has done not only for Austin, but also for the other dogs who have been abandoned on the streets, rescued from cruel lives and irresponsible breeders.

Austin’s impact on Clement is unbelievable. He walks him every day, tucks him to sleep and picks up more poop than he ever did for the two kids 😂. Please give Clement a hug and praise him on his muscles next time when you see him, he is certainly getting fitter after all the routine runs and walks!

I aim to raise HK$20,000 for Hong Kong Dog Rescue. Donors are entitled to a tax deduction in Hong Kong and will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

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Love, Sandy

Recent Donors

  • Eugene Lai

    I got tree 'fiddy

    HKD 350 05/27/2022 09:39:50 AM UTC

  • Eugene Lai

    Happy birthday

    HKD 350 05/27/2022 09:35:12 AM UTC

  • Jennifer Cheung

    Happy birthday boss!

    HKD 148 05/24/2022 01:44:58 PM UTC

  • Johnny Tse

    HKD 100 05/24/2022 07:09:36 AM UTC

  • Adrian So

    HKD 200 05/24/2022 06:46:52 AM UTC

  • Kobe Cheung

    Happy Birthday!

    HKD 148 05/24/2022 06:22:14 AM UTC

  • Matthew Nguyen

    HKD 50 05/24/2022 06:20:09 AM UTC

  • Mei Yu Ngai

    HKD 500 05/24/2022 05:55:54 AM UTC

  • Vanessa & Kenneth

    Happy birthday Dogfather!!

    HKD 2,800 05/24/2022 05:48:35 AM UTC

  • Ophelia

    Happy birthday !

    HKD 500 05/24/2022 05:37:24 AM UTC

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