Together with Charisma Movement, W^3 Book Club is fundraising for Project Anak Malaysia #Suara Pendalaman.

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We, W^3 Book Club believe that everyone has the right to receive good quality education. Our aim are to increase the literacy rate of rural areas in Malaysia and to increase the quality of education. In order to achieve our aim, we are aiming to fundraise a total amount of RM 500. All donation received will be donated to three different schools in Sabah, Malaysia. The three schools are SK Temuno Teringai Darat, SK Tumunda Salimandut and SK Samparita. During this one month period of Charity Reading event, participants will challenge themselves to read book(s) and provide book review(s) at the end of the challenge. Through reading, we are making a bigger impact to the society. 

Join us now and read together. If you would like to show some support to our participants, feel free to click the link below and donate some money to the kids in Sabah. 

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    Good luck

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    Little helps to you

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    hope my small donation will help!

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    Keep up the good work xx

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