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This classroom project is fully funded, and will no longer accept any donation. Thank you for your support. We will update the project progress in this page as soon as we can. If you would like fundraise for your education project, submit your project application at Our 2nd phase of fundraising will commence in mid-January 2016.

My Story

Kumar* stopped coming to school sometime in May this year. I tried hard to get him to stay – I went to his house many times to persuade him, I spoke to his grandmother, his sister, his friends. His attendance waned, and then one day he just stopped coming completely. His reason: he lost interest, and he had to work. My heart broke but the more I thought about it the more I understood:
  • The concept of academic learning for a long term future goal like university and employment is not aligned to their reality, to help support their struggling families. Their motivations for learning would be with a more immediate goal – survival in their suburban, industrial community.
  • Individuals learn differently, but schools teach in mostly one way.

The Initiative - CHAMPIONS Community Learning Center
To provide 20 - 40 school children and out-of-school children, youths and adults among the underprivileged community in Sungai Petani, Kedah with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for self-reliance:
  • Have basic literacy and numeracy
  • Have marketable skills
  • Have the habits and attitudes for a self-reliant community
  • Train others in the community with the skills acquired
Cost Breakdown
  • Center set up: furniture etc. = RM4,500
  • Learning resources = RM1,000

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    One step to further help youth from my hometown. Glad I found this site. Keep it up, people!

    MYR 50 10/05/2015 10:21:38 AM UTC

  • ng choo seong

    MYR 50 09/27/2015 12:12:39 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 50 09/26/2015 04:53:16 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    here's a little donation

    MYR 400 09/21/2015 08:59:48 AM UTC

  • Cheah Aun Pein

    Keep it up~ :D

    MYR 100 09/17/2015 02:33:24 PM UTC

  • June Siang

    MYR 200 09/17/2015 02:25:38 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Add oil!!!

    MYR 50 09/17/2015 12:23:15 PM UTC

  • Neow

    I am glad that someone is doing something for the kids in my hometown, Sungai Petani. Hope this small amount can help. Keep up your great work.

    MYR 100 09/17/2015 12:10:55 PM UTC

  • Tam Ai Jiun

    Thanks for doing this for the kids, Charis!

    MYR 50 09/17/2015 09:13:12 AM UTC

  • K Lim

    Thanks for this amazing initiative. Keep up the good work!

    MYR 100 09/16/2015 03:29:15 PM UTC

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