Join us in supporting Teach For Malaysia's cause to tackle education inequity.

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In collaboration with our intimate partner, aileron., we are excited to co-host a case study workshop with the primary aim to fundraise for Teach For Malaysia.

Event Details
Title: Case Study Workshop
Date: 15th May, Saturday
Time: 8pm MYT

Our Partner
As we strongly resonate with aileron.'s vision to empower driven Malaysian university students to break into high-impact careers such as management consulting, we have partnered up with them to deliver a highly interactive case study workshop, offering you the chance to hone your case interview technqiues. Moreover, we strongly relate to their goals of creating a collaboartive network and building a virtuous cycle of mentoring in order to cultivate a culture of "paying it forward" in Malaysia.

Why Teach For Malaysia
Tackling education inequality is one thing, but tackling education inequity is another. 
Not only do Teach For Malaysia understand the profound effects of education inequity, such as the economic and social well-being of each individual, but they are strongly aware of the importance of these as well. This factor crafts their authenticity and essence that we can greatly empathise therefore choose to support.

Donate + Receive 
In need of consulting and mentoring support? Check out what we have to offer below, choose your desired support, and donate accordingly to the corresponding amount! After donating, please do not forget to email us a screenshot of your donation to lock in your mock session and/or receive a high-quality Market Sizing Guidebook authored by our very own founders!

  • Market Sizing Guide - MYR 15
  • Mock Interview - MYR 35
  • Mock Interview & Market Sizing Guide - MYR 40
  • Mock Interview & Market Sizing Guide & Career Mentoring/Fit Questions - MYR 50

Email us at [email protected]
Remember, all proceeds go to Teach For Malaysia for an amazing cause!

Note from CfG x aileron.
To our lovely donors, thank you so much for your generous contribution. Your donation today shapes a better tomorrow in all educational, economic and social aspects. A sincere thank you from all of us at Cases for Good & aileron.

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