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My Story

As some of you know, we recently travelled to Asia and stopped off in various destinations, one of which was Cambodia! 
Whilst we loved every precious second seeing the beautiful sights of Siem Reap, our hearts were equally torn when we discovered that the streets were inundated with street dogs and cats! 
Our eyes were completely opened to the misery and suffering of each and every animal. Some seriously emaciated, some with chronic skin conditions, and some just roaming the roads looking for food, love and affection! When we arrived back home, I couldn’t stop thinking that while some dogs/cats are tucked up in their warm houses at night with owners who love them, there are thousands out there being sold every second in the meat trade as they are seen as nothing more than a piece of flesh, being abused in the hands of humanity! 
Most of these cats and dogs live in areas which are on busy, dangerous roads. They often roam in search of food or a mate, resulting in death, or serious injuries! 
Others are caught, rammed in tiny unsuitable cages and are beaten, killed and eaten.

Since being home, we have thought about how we can help make a difference! Albeit, we know it won’t put an end to the suffering, but what we can do is raise money that would help, even if it’s just a handful! 

We have decided to climb the highest mountain in Wales - Snowdon, and we ask you to join us by making a small donation to our chosen charity - Animal Rescue Cambodia. 

The charities mission is to create sustainable animal welfare in Cambodia, and end suffering for Cambodian street cats and dogs. They are committed to sustainable and long-lasting change and work closely with communities to educate residents on feeding, sterilizing and medicating the animals.

Stray animals dominate Cambodia’s streets, and the problem continues to rise. The local community is often unable to care for the animals, which has lead to an increase in the spread of disease, and a trend to sell animals to the cruel and barbaric meat trade.
Animal Rescue Cambodia are dedicated to tackling overpopulation and operate a sustainable spay/neuter program in targeted areas. They often come across animals that require immediate veterinary care, and take responsibility of rehabilitating each animal so they can find a forever home. 

Please find it in your hearts to make a small donation, and make a difference to someone’s life! 

Thank you you for taking the time to read. 

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