For this year, I'm making a difference for my birthday by raising money for a cause close to my heart, the Filipino children.. Please support me by donating and sharing your blessings with our less fortunate "kababayans". Thank you and God bless

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  • Randy Estayola

    PHP 1,000 10/12/2022 06:15:32 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Rose and God bless - from Remington Steel

    PHP 2,500 10/11/2022 09:02:55 PM UTC

  • Wolfgang und Eleonor Smutny/Frogosa

    PHP 2,000 10/09/2022 08:17:25 PM UTC

  • Marilyn Tiangco

    Happy birthday my dear Rose!

    PHP 2,000 10/08/2022 10:32:00 PM UTC

  • Cip Resultay

    Happy Birthday Rosing

    PHP 1,000 10/08/2022 10:27:45 PM UTC

  • Lilibeth Maquiran

    PHP 1,000 10/07/2022 10:30:33 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Happy happy birthday sis Rose… God bless you and all your lived ones more. Happy to be serving with you.💕🙏📿

    PHP 1,000 10/07/2022 09:35:00 AM UTC

  • Ami Corazon Delos Santos

    Happy happy birthday Sis Rose!

    PHP 500 10/06/2022 07:36:37 PM UTC

  • Gina Mangune

    Happy Birthday Friend! Stay healthy para marami ka pang mapapasayang mga bata. I Pray for you to hit your target. Take care

    USD 25 10/05/2022 11:24:56 PM UTC

  • Rose Valdez

    PHP 1,000 10/05/2022 02:52:51 PM UTC

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