As a high schooler, I have learned that regardless of life status, level of education and age, we are all vulnerable to environmental crisis. I strongly believe that if we work together, we can achieve this better normal life we’re dreaming of. Hence, I am making a difference by raising funds for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by sharing a bit of your blessings.

My Story

"A BETTER earth is the product of our kind and generous heart towards our environment, and an Investment for the NORMAL life in the future."

Genesis 2:15 ESV ("The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it." ) We are all steward of God's creation regardless of your age, and in behalf of my generation as a youth, I'm aware of what's happening on our environment right now, and I want to use my voice as an inspiration and awareness on which will hopefully echo to those people like me to take a step forward beyond what they know, and make a move to save our own nation from evironmental degradation. By our combined efforts, together we can make a difference!

"The power of collective action has never failed to move us, in ways we never could have imagined.”

You've reached the volunteer edition page in support of Greenpeace PH's #BetterNormal campaign. If you have come to this page, it means that you do care enough for the environment or are drawn to support someone who passionately does. We thank you for taking time and for showing support in our collective call towards a green and just recovery from the current pandemic.

Let's do our share in our transition to a better normal – one where no Filipino will be vulnerable to pandemics, disasters, and climate impacts. And each of us can contribute to this transition in our own unique way! Through maintaining green and sustainable lifestyles and promoting such solutions in our cities and municipalities.

We need government and collective action that’s inspired by community-based solutions we see now. We need a transformative recovery plan that puts us – the people and the environment – at the center. The pandemic has shown us what needs to be changed and how we should change. More than ever, Greenpeace Philippines will continue to work in the midst of the pandemic to call on partners and stakeholders to reimagine, co-create and work on alternative solutions towards a better normal post-COVID-19.

And we each have a role in this too, because any lasting change we want to see in our cities and municipalities should start with ourselves. Only together can we shape a #BetterNormal for a healthier environment.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    Great Job Teach Nilo. Keep up the good work for our environment!

    PHP 500 12/08/2020

  • Alfred Mercurio

    PHP 200 07/08/2020

  • Cherry Diaz

    So proud of your initiative. Praying for it! ;)

    PHP 1,000 05/08/2020

  • Stephen Ong

    BetterNormal for the Nation & for the next generation! Keep it up Ronilo💪

    PHP 500 05/08/2020

  • Pongchad

    You’re doing an amazing job at your young age. Indeed that youths are the hope of this nation. Thank you for your passion to share this advocacy to people and creating a difference to our country. Mabuhay ka Teach Nilo! 💚🌱

    PHP 500 30/07/2020

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