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Still riding hard and with 9 days to go have a big push out tomorrow of 100km and then 3 rides next week before the big one on Sunday!!!!!

My Story

Hi there, Cheers for visiting my personal fundraising page. I will be taking part in aidha Tour de Singapore 2014 in 16/02/2014 and aiming to raise money for aidha Ltd. Coming back from a lengthy break from training and racing I am gearing up for the 100klm ride and am enjoying the mid-week rides in the dark and very warm mornings as well as the longer and much warmer rides on the weekend. Please dig deep and donate, every dollar counts! It is a great foundation and they make a real difference to people’s lives. It provides a unique and innovative financial education program to foreign domestic workers in Singapore, empowering them with the financial literacy and entrepreneurship tools that will help them break out of the poverty cycle, build real savings, make income-generating investments and set up small businesses, thereby enhancing their life choice, their future, and that of their communities. So get on board and donate a few or more dollars. Ben Cox

Recent Donors

  • Kate Rickenberg

    SGD 50 02/24/2014 03:54:55 PM UTC

  • Rebecca Lyster

    Well done Ben!

    SGD 50 02/24/2014 02:24:35 PM UTC

  • Amanda James

    Go Ben!

    SGD 30 02/13/2014 01:18:06 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    SGD 100 02/09/2014 12:03:11 PM UTC

  • Tanya Keys

    Pedal Strong!!

    SGD 25 02/05/2014 03:02:13 AM UTC

  • Francesca Pisciotta

    We are all behind you Ben!!!

    SGD 30 01/31/2014 02:45:00 AM UTC

  • ab

    Go Ben - great to be able to support you and such a great charity

    SGD 100 01/30/2014 11:34:58 AM UTC

  • Murph

    Ride, Forrest. Ride!

    SGD 50 01/29/2014 10:49:51 PM UTC

  • Joanna

    Go for Gold, Ben!

    SGD 10 01/29/2014 01:15:14 PM UTC

  • Lester

    Perfect way to celebrate life. Thank you for sharing this initiative!

    SGD 10 01/29/2014 08:20:17 AM UTC

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