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My Story

Been supporting Save the Children for quiet some time now. This Christmas, instead of buying extra for our family or something for people who can well afford, please let us donate any amount to save hungry children, send them to school and make their dreams come true. A little sacrifice won't hurt us but will definitely put a smile on their faces. Happy holidays and thank you so much for your help.

Recent Donors

  • Atty. Eliodoro Caluya

    PHP 5,000 02/12/2020

  • Minami Masumoto

    Merry Christmas Atty. Raz! ❤

    PHP 1,000 29/11/2020

  • Jannet Rodriguez

    Hi Raz! Hope all is well with you and your family. Miss you.

    PHP 2,000 28/11/2020

  • Mae Lauengco

    PHP 1,000 26/11/2020

  • Queenie Azarcon

    PHP 2,000 23/11/2020

  • Oliver Santos


    PHP 500 23/11/2020

  • Robin Santos

    PHP 500 22/11/2020

  • Rachelle Astrero

    PHP 1,000 21/11/2020

  • Anonymous

    PHP 1,000 20/11/2020

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