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All of the animals being taken care of at ASTI are victims of wildlife trafficking. Please help us give them a second chance at freedom and life in the wild by donating now.

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The problem

Wildlife trafficking is taking an enormous toll on animal populations in the wild, pushing countless numbers of species to the brink of extinction. These illegal activities also cause immense suffering to the animals caught by the poachers, and many of them die in animal markets or soon after they have been sold by the traders. Those animals finding their way to rescue centers such as ASTI at least have a chance for a better future, but they still face a tough road ahead of them to recover from the trauma of being forcibly removed from their habitat and handled roughly and cruelly by their captors. 

How ASTI tries to help

At ASTI we do our best to rehabilitate the animals so that they can return to the wild. This entails providing them with medical attention and all necessary treatments, making sure they receive a diet as close to their natural diet as possible, and providing them with enrichment to help them prepare for readapting to the conditions in their natural habitat.

Because of the alarming reach of wildlife trafficking, the ASTI rescue center is always full, and at any one time we are taking care of many different species from tigers to orangutans, eagles to parrots and cassowaries to crocodiles. In order to provide these beautiful animals with the best care possible, we need USD 5,000 per month to keep them healthy and to prepare them for release. 

Can you help us with our ongoing challenge to raise funds to care for these amazing animals? Thank you so much for your kind assistance.

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